On a cold January morning in 1848, a discovery by a little-known carpenter working just 40 miles away from Sacramento changed, not only the history of California, but also the world. The carpenter was James Marshall and his discovery was a nugget of gold, no larger than a pea.



Marshall had been hired by John Sutter to build a sawmill to help establish the dream Sutter had of an empire between the Sacramento and American Rivers. He named his budding city New Helvetia. The sawmill was to help prepare lumber to build the homes and businesses needed in New Helvetia. The area now known as Coloma, named for the Cullumah Indians who lived there, was chosen on which to build the mill due to the straightness of the trees in the area and the position of the American River. The river would provide the power to move the saws to cut the lumber. The river would flow through the millrace which would cause a huge waterwheel to spin. The movement of the waterwheel would cause a sawblade to move up and down. At the same time, a log would be fed into the saw and lumber would be cut. Each board that was cut from a tree would require 30 minutes of sawing. While building the tailrace for the water to speed through to power the waterwheel, Marshall uncovered gold.


At first, the news was to be kept secret. However, word leaked out. It wasn't until December of 1848 when President Polk gave a speech which confirmed the discovery of gold in the area known as California that people took the search for gold seriously. Once the speech was given, a worldwide phenomenon resulted. People from all over the world traveled to California, which wasn't even a state yet, hoping to strike it rich. Few found the glory they were after, but most couldn't deny that they were on the adventure of their lifetime!


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